Voiceout  gets rid of communication breakdowns by creating chatrooms for large groups of people to communicate with each other quickly and openly. Of utmost importance right now is the Covid Crisis. We have created a Covid chatroom where Frontliners, Suppliers, Non-profits, Public, and The Media can come together and communicate openly so we can all get down to improving the situation. Visit the chatroom now to tell us your need, offer up a solution, or just hang out and learn. 

Instructions: Enter the chatroom, sign up for an account, and start chatting! Anonymously post your needs, concerns, thoughts, and solutions all in one place!

A Peek Inside The Covid Chatroom:

There are 5 groups groups of people that can communicate with each other in this chatroom. The goal is to address everyone's issues quickly and openly so problems can be resolved as fast as humanly possible. The 5 groups of people are:


(1) Medical Staff 

(2) Suppliers/Vendors

(3) The General Public

(4) Media

(5) Non-profits/Governments


Your support and contributions will enable us to develop a better platform. We have already developed the basic platform but we also need to enable all parties to target message each group. In addition to that, we have to enable the ability to track all supplies needed, supplies already delivered, where supplies are most needed. Each individual working on this project cannot sustain this platform for long without your help.  Please be kind and help keep this essential platform running smoothly. Anything helps. Please note we are we are not profiting from this in anyway. We do not have 501c3 status as it is an extremely long process that we don't have the time for in order to roll this out fast. We appreciate your support in anyway, including your expertise. To donate your expertise, please email info@voiceoutglobal.com

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